Fairfax – Hair Energizer

Herbal Formula For Nourished & Healthy Hair

Fairfax hair energizer is a blend of selected Ayurvedic herbs which have proven hair nourishing and hair growth nurturing properties. On daily usage, it helps manage hair strands, reduce hair damage, control hair fall, provide the ever needed bounce to your hair and hence support hair growth.
How does it work?
Fairfax Hair Energizer is formulated with special ingredients; anti-oxidants and vitamins that help prevent hair loss and provide them the much needed nourishment. Using Fairfax Hair Energizer is easy and stress free! You need to simply mix 4 drops of Fairfax hair energizer in about four mugs of water and rinse your hair with them while bathing. Fairfax is odour free, oil free and will leave a silky smooth feel to your hair upon daily usage.


Key Benefits of Fairfax Hair Energizer

Fairfax adds moisture, softness, sheen, and allows for great manageability while styling and growing. For best results make Organic Hair Energizer part of your daily grooming routine.

Enhanced hair thickness

Prevents thinning and makes hair appear thicker and nourished


Prevents hair loss

Repairs hair from the roots and reduces breakage and hair loss

Nourished Bouncy Hair

Provides a nourished, long lasting shine, envious bounce and softness


Restores nutrients

Provides the much needed nutrients to your malnourished hair