About us

Little to know about us. We are here for you.


Macrobiotic Herbals was established with the mission of restoring Ayurveda as a mainstream health management system. In fulfilling this mission, we are at the forefront of Ayurvedic resurgence by providing pioneering leadership in the manufacture of quality ayurvedic medicine and formulating meaningful directions in research in Ayurveda.

Natural, Herbal, and Ayurvedic Products

Since 2014 we are curating and retailing a collection of Ayurvedic, Herbal, and Organic products.  These products are time-tested, well researched and with proven benefits. This attention to quality has gained us huge appreciation and trust in both Indian and worldwide markets.  

We have a regular stream of repeat customers who buy from us knowing that our products are:

  • safe and effective
  • authentic formulations
  • use the right mix of pure, uncontaminated raw materials
  • manufactured in hygienic, modern facilities with quality control
  • manufactured to international norms and governmental standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)


“Upholding the authentic principles of Ayurveda in order to propagate health and wellbeing worldwide.”

We encourage a comprehensive approach to health, which understands the individual as a complex combination of elements capable of being brought into harmony. We are committed to enhancing positivity and wellbeing in individuals, the environment and the global community.

“To be recognized around the globe as the essence of true Ayurveda.”

Macrobiotic Herbals seeks partnerships and investment to expand our mission of empowering individuals to transform their lifestyle and future health.

Our commercial products and services are always centered on your wellbeing.

We will not make any recommendation for any product or service unless we are certain that the product or service will be beneficial for you.  We actively discourage our support and chat staff from making health recommendations unless they are qualified to do so.

If you are seeking help in choosing a product or service, we encourage you to submit this short medical information form. Our in-house Ayurvedic doctor will review and respond within 24 hours with the best course of action for you. This is a free, no-obligation service provided in the interest of helping you determine the right course of action for your situation.

We are always here for you, just an email or call away.  And we promise that we will do all we can to support and guide you to a healthier and happier life.